Gloomy Summer Afternoon

Our dog has gotten better and better off leash over the past year. We've worked hard to get her to where she is now and she can roam free with no major issues. These photos are from a nice afternoon before it gets far too hot in SoCal.

Anxiety: Locked Away and Lurking

The suffering is at bay but can rear it's head at anytime. Keep your head up and prepare for a lifelong battle. It won't be easy, but know that if you fight hard enough it can be locked away. If you're lucky you might lose the combination and key... You've got this.

Big Cities in a Little World

I don't always have my Canon handy so these were shot with my Samsung Note 8. Legoland is a kid's dreamland but that doesn't mean it isn't for adults. The miniatures look incredibly lifelike and really made for some great looking shots if you have the right angles.

Border City Murals and Art

As the madness in DC continues please know that the influence our neighbor to the south has had on the United States is invaluable. Their culture is ingrained into border towns; we eat their cuisine, celebrate their customs, embrace their art, and cherish their friendship. The border is an economic cultural machine, don't make Mexicans... Continue Reading →

This is one of my favorite spots in San Diego to capture light trails. Other photographers have cut a hole in the fence above the center divider on the bridge. Shot right between Banker's Hill and the Airport, maybe next time I can capture a plane landing.

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