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Multnomah Falls – Oregon

This is a continuation of some shots from an Oregon trip I took to visit friends. We took some wrong turns and what was supposed to be our first stop ended up being our third. There is so much in this area that is truly awe inspiring. Multnomah definitely lived up to expectations, especially once... Continue Reading →

Latourell Falls – Oregon

I will have a short series for the next couple of weeks that will focus on the Portland Area. I took a short 4 day trip to relax and spend time with my two best friends. Trips like this are the best time to get the creative juices flowing for photography, you are out of... Continue Reading →

Border City Murals and Art

As the madness in DC continues please know that the influence our neighbor to the south has had on the United States is invaluable. Their culture is ingrained into border towns; we eat their cuisine, celebrate their customs, embrace their art, and cherish their friendship. The border is an economic cultural machine, don't make Mexicans... Continue Reading →

Build Bridges, Not Walls

Editing photos from Chicano Park in San Diego and had to share one before I'm done with them all. As the title implies, build bridges instead of walls. It's outdated and sends the wrong message to our neighbors south of the border. We should cherish the relationship the United States and Mexico have, not mock... Continue Reading →

Time and Change

"The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time." -Bertrand Russell Sometimes I feel as though I waste my time whether it be through desk work, hobbies, or social media. Should I be doing more with my life? Should I be traveling and seeing the world more? Should I not be satisfied with relaxing on... Continue Reading →

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