Cairns – Australia (The CBD)

It's not the prettiest town in the world, hence the photos being mostly of pelicans and bats from a prior post. That doesn't take away from just how much of an incredible experience we had there. It is the gateway to some phenomenal outdoor activities and sheer natural beauty. We would absolutely go back.

Pray to the Goddess

We've settled into our new house and are definitely getting used to new critters that can be found in and around our home. This is the second Praying Mantis that we've seen and this time I had my camera handy. Definitely got some great photos but I need to invest in a macro lens!

Gloomy Summer Afternoon

Our dog has gotten better and better off leash over the past year. We've worked hard to get her to where she is now and she can roam free with no major issues. These photos are from a nice afternoon before it gets far too hot in SoCal.

Skansen – Stockholm, Sweden

What a wonderful open air park. We weren't expecting too much but were pleasantly surprised. Beautiful gardens, historical info, native animals, old architecture, and period dress were all on display through a web of trails and walkways. We highly recommend this to anyone that is visiting Stockholm, especially if you are short on time! Much... Continue Reading →

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